Broaken Canoe of the Northeastern Coast: Canoa Quebrada, Ceará

The village of Canoa Quebrada, broken canoe in English,  is located in the state of Ceará in northeastern part of Brazil. The closest airport is located in Fortaleza, about 160 km from Canoa Quebrada and can be easily reached by car. A drive from Fortaleza to Canoa Quebrada takes about 2½ hours, depending on the traffic and in general the road is in good condition. Canoa Quebrada is a former fisherman village, which turned out to be one of the most popular tourism destinations of the coast of Ceará.

Canoa Quebrada

Canoa Quebrada

Unlike some other brazilian beach destinations, Canoa Quebrada can be accessed by car and you will find some motorized traffic in this charming village. However please note that the roads are tiny and so is the traffic as well. The few cars coming and leaving the village will not disturb your holiday feeling at all. The surrounding nature is very dry and you will not find palm trees nor tropical vegetation in Canoa Quebrada. The charm of Canoa Quebrada consists of a sand beach surrounded by the colorful canyons of baked sand and dunes. It’s an ideal destination for a city escape, as the atmospheare in this village remains very rustic and relaxed reminding us of the era when this paradise was found by the first leisure seekers, the hippies .

Canoa Quebrada Beach

Canoa Quebrada Beach

The main attraction of Canoa Quebrada is the long beach with several beach side kiosks serving small snacks and ice cold drinks. Due to the geographic location the climate you is warm and windy during the year around, but don’t worry in Canoa Quebrada the wind is warm and quickly you will find out that if there were no wind you wouldn’t be able to resist the strong sun of this latitude. Thanks to the wind, Canoa Quebrada is also a popular destination when it comes to kitesurf and the best winds can be experienced from June till January. The yearly rainfall is very small and usually appears from February till May. In addition to water sports, there are also possibilities to make several excurcions in area. You can take a buggy ride over the dunes and have a swim in one of the lagoons located in the middle of the white sand. Another interesting excursion is a buggy ride along the beach. You will be able to enjoy the baked sand canyons on you right hand side and have see the sparkling see when you look on your left. One of the highlights of this excursion is the “Garganta do Diablo” (=Devil’s throat), a weird natural sand sculpture.

Garganta do Diablo

Garganta do Diablo

Canoa Quebrada is a very popular destination especially within younger public, but serves all travellers with young spirit. If you are looking for a resort kind of holiday with fancy services you better turn your attention elsewhere. Along the main street called “Broadway” you will find a number of restaurants, shop and bars, everything from reggae to traditional brazilian forró, all of them with relaxing atmospheare.

Brazil Diversity recommends:

  • Restaurant Cabana (at Broadway) – tasty and well cooked brazilian food with excellent value for money!
  • Pousada Aruna – Pousada located in a peaceful corner of the village, large pool area and superior rooms with special roof top terrace. Recommendable especially for travellers with car.
  • Dolce Vita – Pousada consists of individual chalets with double bed and bunk bed – an excellent choice for families. Comfortable pool area and peaceful location, just a short walk away from the main street.
  • Refugio do Manati – Centrally located rustic pousada with green areas and pool. Chalets with two floors and veranda has natural ventilation and no air conditioning.
Canoa Quebrada beach

Canoa Quebrada beach

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