White sand beaches of Mangue Seco, Bahia

Mangue Seco village

Mangue Seco village

The novel of “Tieta, the goat girl“, written by Jorge Amado is placed in Mangue Seco, a naturally beautiful village located in the northern part of Bahia very close to the frontier with the state of Sergipe. The distance from Salvador is about 225 km, and the easiest way to reach Mangue Seco is hiring a transfer all the way to the village of Pontal, the closest access to Mangue Seco. Mangue Seco is not accesible by car, and therefore the last step is to cross the river by boat. Thanks to the distant location Mague Seco has preserved the tranquility until today.

Like the name says, Mangue Seco is characterized by dry mangrove trees, rivers and dunes. The long white sand beaches ranked into top three of Bahia, are ideal for a swim and sunbathing. Mangue Seco is divided into two parts, the pousadas and the restaurants are concentrated on the river side and on the other side of the dunes you have a those magnificant waves of the Atlantic Ocean. So if you are planning to visit Mangue Seco, don’t expect your pousada to be located in front of the beach, the view you might have is going to be a river view, not a sea view. However this fact doesn’t make Mangue Seco any less attracting than the other Bahian destinations. To go to the beach you have two options, either walk the distance of approximately 1,5 km (depending on where exactly your pousada is located) or hire a buggy ride, which includes a return transfer as well. On the long beach of Mangue Seco there is space for everybody, and it’s up to you whether you prefer laying down in a hammock or enjoying the sun in a deck chair. The rustic beach bars serve drinks, snakcs and meals.

Mangue Seco

Mangue Seco

Mangue Seco enjoys a laid back atmosphere with certain tranquility, which makes it an ideal place for couples and for anyone looking for full relaxation. In addition to the days at the beach, you will also have an opportunity to participate on some interesting excursions in the region. The most popular is a buggy ride on dunes, but in fact you can even climb over the dunes to enjoy the sunset on your own if you wish. When taking excursion we would recommend you to negociate with the buggy drivers and take a day trip all the way to the village of Barra de Siribinha. The trip along the coast itself is an enjoyable experience, and once you reach Barra de Siribinha you are ready to enjoy some delicious seafood on the beach. This peaceful fisherman village has natural beauty and is a perfect place to have a bath either in the sea or in the river. You can also visit a place called Cavalo Russo, and slide down to the refreshing lake situated on roots of this huge dune.

The way to the beach

The way to the beach

When the night falls Mangue Seco doesn’t have too much to offer. There might be some activities on the main square of the village or in the simple bars of the locals, but don’t expect any unique night life emotions. Here the beauty of the night is a starry sky with soft wind. Those who are looking for a peaceful destination without loudy parties and too crowded beaches to spend Christmas and New Years Eve, should seriously considered Mangue Seco as an option. In case you started your journey from Salvador it might be interesting for you not return there when leaving Mangue Seco. The capital of Sergipe, Aracaju is just about 110 km away from Mangue Seco and has an airport connecting with the principal cities of the country. If you have a chance don’t miss the attractions of Sergipe either, being the spectacular canyon of Xingó one of the most interesting ones. However this is something to be discussed later in our future blog posts. Our other Bahia related blog posts:

Brazil Diversity recommends:

  • Pousada Asa Branca – A white mansion kind of building in front of the river offering good tourist class accommodation. Pousada Asa Branca offers also an excellent restaurant with some of the most delicious meals of the village.
  • Pousada Fantasias do Agreste – Centrally located rustic pousada with tourist class accommodation.
  • Pousada O Forte – Bungalow type of accommodation up to four persons, just a short walk away from the heart of the village. O Forte is a good option if you want to be surrounded by nature and tropical gardens.
Mangue Seco

Mangue Seco

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