The best of Brazil: Iguacu, Rio de Janeiro, Amazonas and Salvador



If you are a first time traveller to Brazil, it might be simply impossible to choose which of the many interesting places you should visit. In case you have enough time and not so tight budget, you could consider in combining the top four of the most popular Brazilian sights. Just like any other large country, there are certain must see destinations in Brazil as well. In the US the Big Apple, Grand Canyon and the Hollywood Hills are something to be seen at least once in your lifetime. First time visitors to India usually start with the Golden Tringle and a visit to Australia has to include at least Sydney, Ayers Rock and the Big Coral Reef.

Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls

Which are the top destinations of Brazil then? I would say that first of all you should visit the Marvellous City of Rio de Janeiro. Why? Simply, because it’s breahtakingly beautiful and has one of the most easygoing city life in the world. When I first came to Rio my expectations were extremely high, even so the city exceeded them and on daily basis keeps on reminding me why it’s called one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Secondly, the natural phenomenon of Iguassu Falls attracts tourists world widely. You will probably not spend more than just few days at Iguassu, but seeing this landmark is something not to be missed. After having seen Rio de Janeiro and the Iguacu Falls, you have seen two of the most famous landmarks of Brazil and it’s time to see the other faces of Brazil. Huge part of this country is covered by rainforest, so it’s something to be experienced. Even if the state of Amazonas is the most wellknown when it comes to rainforest adventures, the Amazons basis covers 9 Brazilian states. Last but not least, we cannot forget the northeastern coast with endless beaches. What wouldn’t be better place to start exploring this region than the state of Bahia. The capital of Bahia, Salvador, has one of the major airports of the northeastern coast, offers an interesting cultural program and is just a short step away from some of the most beautiful beaches of the country. It’s an excellent gateaway for the northeastern region.

The Amazon river boats

The Amazon river boats

These four destinations are spread out all over the country, so how do you combine them? Do to the distances you need at least two weeks to be able to visit these four diverse destinations of Brazil. Taking into account the fact that the airport of Guarulhos in São Paulo is the most important entrance point for the international flights, upon your arrival you could first head to Iguassu and then after connect to Rio de Janeiro. When leaving Rio your next destination would be Manaus, a gateway for adventures at the Amazon area. Last but not least you would take a flight from Manaus to Salvador, and discover the roots of Brazilian culture before heading to one of the irresistible beaches of the Bahian state. If you wish to have an active part at the end of your tour, you can always spend few days hiking at the Chapada Diamantina as well. Once your holiday is over you can fly back home via São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro if there is no direct connection from Salvador to your country.

Salvador Bahia

Salvador Bahia

Why would I recommend this kind of itinerary then? Simply because it allows you to see the top four destinations without spending too much time and money on travelling. This is because these destinations can be combined using the most economic airpass (offerred by both TAM or Gol) of four flight segments. You can connect directly from São Paulo to Iguassu, again to Rio de Janeiro, continue to Manaus and include Salvador as a last stop of your itinery (these two routes will include landing but no change of aircraft). If you purchased the flights separately, you would end up paying a lot  more than a price of an airpass. In my opinion, this is route gives you a very wide perspective on tourism in Brazil allowing you to combine the three diversities. After having discovered the Brazilian culture, explored the wildlife and felt the beaches, in your future visits you can just simply choose the part you preferred and keep on enjoying everything related to this diversity!

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  1. Wow…those falls look amazing

  2. Excellent list. Brazil is such a wonderful place with so much to see and do. A couple of others I would add to the list are Fernando de Noronha, Pantanal and maybe one of the cities in the south that have a strong European influence such as Blumenau.

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