The Delta of Parnaíba, Piauí

Delta of Parnaíba

Delta of Parnaíba

Delta of Parnaíba has a unique ecosystem, comparable only to the Nile or the Mekong River. It’s located in the state of Piauí, close to the boader of Maranhão and consists of 85 islands covering an area of 2700 km2. The Delta of Parnaíba is a mixture of rivers, lagoons, dunes and deserted beaches. The mangrove trees are home for many different species of birds and other animals, such as crocodiles, monkeys, turtles and crabs that can all be found from the area of Delta.

The unique nature of Delta

The unique nature of Delta

For a tourist , a visit to Delta of Parnaíba is not the simplest thing to do. First of all the access to this ecosystem has to be done from the city of Parnaíba, which do has an airport, but it’s only operated by small regional airlines. Therefore a visit to Delta often forms part of a larger itinery including either Lencois Maranhenses in Maranhão or Jericoacoara in Ceará, or both. The reach Parnaiba departing from Lencois Maranheses your first step will be reaching Caburé and then after you need to hire a 4×4 transfer to Parnaíba. The first part of this transfer takes you over the dunes until you reach a road leading to Parnaíba. In total the journey takes about 5 hours, as the road is not in the best possible conditions. If you are coming from direction of Jericoacoara, the access is done with 4×4 vehicles as well, as leaving Jericoacoara can only be done over the dunes. The total distance is about 220 km and an approximate time of journey is around 4 hours. An another option is to arrive from the direction of the state capital Teresina accessible by major airlines of the country. In this case the distance is about 335 km. If you decide to choose this option and are into active eco-tourism, including a visit to the National Park of Sete Cidades, located in the northern part of Piauí state only about 140 km from Parnaíba, might be an interesting option for you. This National Park is wellknown for particularly interesting stone formations dividing the area into seven different ambients (“Seven cities”, like the names says).

Boat excursion

Boat excursion

However let’s get back to the main point, the Delta of Parnaíba. To get to know the delta your options are either a private or a group excursion, being the second one of course a more economic option for you. Private tours are taylor made according to your schedules, while the group excursions have a duration of a day and are organized on board of a river boat, which in fact is a quite charming way to explore the region. The journey takes you along the river all the way to deserted beaches, where you have a chance for a bath. You will climb up on the dunes to see how wide the area of Delta really is and enjoy a delicious lunch buffet on the board surrounded but the mangrove vegetation. During the excursion you will fully experience the nature of this unique ecosystem. If you are not travelling during the high season try to visit Parnaíba on weekends, just to guarantee that the inexpensive group excursions are organized while you are in the city. Flying over the Delta is also a great way to see the expansion of the rivers and the islands. This is when you really realize how amzingly large the area is.

For those willing to feel the pureness of the nature with all their senses and discover the ecosystem on their own, we would recommend a visit to Ilha do Caju. This island that forms part of the Delta is in fact located in the side of Maranhão, but enjoys the best fluvial access leaving from Parnaíba (approximately 3½-4 hours). Ilha do Caju is under ecological protection and is a perfect destination for those who enjoy active eco-tourism. Due to the private ownership the access requires a reservation in the only pousada located on the island. The numerous cashew trees have given the name for this island, which until today is one of the few places where the wonders of the nature have been totally preserved.

Pedra do Sal

Pedra do Sal

Once you have arrived to Parnaíba visited Delta, it’s not worth continuing your journey immediately. Beside of Delta, Parnaíba has other attractions to offer as well. You may make a day trip to many of the beaches on the litoral of Piauí, being some of the most interesting ones Praia da Pedra do Sal and Macapá. All of them are naturally beautiful offering rustic beach services. Pedra do Sal is characterized by stone formations and Macapá on the other hand is a meeting point for a river and the sea. The most famous beach of the area is Luis Correia, which tends to be pretty crowded during the weekends. Try it out from Monday till Friday, and on weekends head to the more peaceful beach like Praia do Coqueiro located not so far away from Luis Correia. This beach with many palm trees offers also quality accommodation for those looking for to stay in front of the sea.

Our itinerary suggestions including Delta of Parnaiba.

Beach of Macapá

Beach of Macapá

Brazil Diversity recommends:

  • Pousada Dos Ventos, Parnaíba – Centrally located good quality pousada in Parnaíba. Excellent choice for any travelling willing to visit the Delta of Parnaíba.
  • Pousada Ecológica, Ilha do Caju – The only pousada of the island operates respecting the ecological values and is a perfect base for your eco-tourism adventures. Please not pousada doesn’t accept under 15 years old children.
  • Aimberê Eco-Resort, Praia do Coqueiro – A good quality choice for those willing to stay in front of the beach., just a short drive from the city of Parnaíba.

4 Responses

  1. this is a fantastic blog site
    having travelled most of the beaches in the nordeste about 8 years ago
    I was getting a bit frustrated about my next trip this december as i wanted to go to places that are a bit ‘undiscovered’ like places like Biopeba was then
    im returning and heading straight to sao luis then , belem and marajo (maybe amapa) then to cabure –
    and who knows maybe the above delta
    largely thanks to this blog

    • Obrigadão!
      Great choices!! Marajó is worth going, and make sure you stay at Souré and try out Ilha do Algodoal (PA) as well, such a lovely place!
      We will shortly publish new blog posts related to both of these islands. Keep connected!

  2. hi there
    just to let you know went for cabure taking the ferry from Barrerinhas then south to parnaiba via tutoia then to jeri and back (the quick way). Cabure was absolute sossego- felt marooned there – thanks so much for the tip (stayed at pousada Paturi which was ideal) – big rooms and great atmos from the Patrao, who gave us a lift back to barrerinhas on his small lancha in the dark (stars) through the Delta.
    Maranhao is a fantastic alternative if you want to explore and get away from foreign tourist world…

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