Samba Carnivals in Brazil

Carnival is celebrated widely around Latin America, but there is no other so wellknown Carnival as world famous Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. The date of Carnival changes depending on the year. It starts officially on Saturday, 40 days before Easter and goes on until Tuesday. However a large number of celebration is hold both before and after the official days.

Samba Parade

Samba Parade

Carnival is celebrated widely around Brazil and the style varies depending on the geopgraphical location. The fame of Rio de Janeiros’s Carnival is one in kind, even though the world’s biggest street party is celebrated in Salvador (Bahia). One of the most traditional Carnival takes place in Olinda, which a small colonial city next to Recife. The Carnaval of Rio de Janeiro is celebrated in Sambadrome designed by famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemayer. If you pretend to assist the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, make sure you get your ticket early enough and be prepaid to pay a good price of it, as this world famous parade is not an economic happening at all.

Outside of the official parades and samba school competions the Carnival industry offers many other activities as well. A tourist who visits Brazil outside of the Carnival period can get a piece of the feeling by assisting the samba school rehearsals, which tend to start in September and go on until the Carnival. Before Carnival there are also bigger rehearsals taking place almost weekly in Sambadrome.  These rehearsals are basically very similar to the samba Carnival parade, but without floats and costumes. Another interesting place is the Samba City, located close to the port of Rio de Janeiro. It is an another place holding samba rehearsals and events both before and after the Carnival. The Samba City is also open all year around (except Tuesdays) for those who want to see how the costumes, wagons and instruments are made.

Bloco das Carmelitas

Bloco das Carmelitas

Beside of all the official events, a large number of street parties (blocos) are hold all around the city, staring few weeks before the Carnival. These colorful parades are an option for you to feel the spirit of Carnival without participating the official celebrations at Sambadrome. One of the most charming ones is Bloco das Carmelitas organized in the pictoresque neighborhood of Santa Teresa.

Please check out the Rio Carnival website for detailed information and schedules. In the mean while, let’s see if the 2009 champion, Salgueiro, will repeat the victory this year. The top 5 samba schools will show us the best of them in the champions parade, which takes place in Sambadrome on Saturday after the Carnival.

Enjoy the spirit of Samba!

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