Beaches of Maragogi and the ecological route, Alagoas



Maragogi is a sleepy fisherman village in the beautiful coast of Alagoas, close to the frontier with Pernambuco. Its’ a perfect place for relaxation in the middle of beautiful nature.

The easiest way to reach Maragogi is by car, either from the direction of the state capital Maceio or from the direction of Recife, the capital of Pernambuco. Rent a car or hire a private transfer and get transported directly to this paradise kind of holiday village with a favourable location almost in between of two important state capitals.

The turquoise waters of Maragogi

The turquoise waters of Maragogi

Just like the major part of the Alagoas coast, the region of Maragogi is also filled with palm trees. Once you see the sea shimmering in all the possible colors of blue, turquoise and green, you really start wondering if there is any other place where the natural settings could be more similar to paradise than here. Compared to many other holiday village of the northeastern coast, the village of Maragogi is still not that developed, which is fact is an advantage making your holiday in Maragogi different compared to more explored destinations like Porto de Galinhas, a popular holiday village in the Pernambuco.

Low tide

Low tide

Get accommodated in one of the pousadas located along the coast, a short distance from the village of Maragogi, and enjoy the presence of the nature. Maragogi is also an excellent destination for families who are looking for peace and relaxation, while the kids are busy with playing on the shore. During the low tide a big part of the reefs is visible and it seems like if the waves, which still last night hit the shore, have disappered. So why don’t you just walk around the beach, sit down on the shore and wait how the warm water slowly starts rising again, just like if you were in a natural bathtub waiting for it to be filled again.

Together with the sun, warm turquoise waters and beautiful landscapes, the principal attraction of Maragogi are the natural swimming pools. Make sure you take an excursion to the most famous of them, As Galés, and enjoy the colorful underwater life by snorkeling around in these clear water of Maragogi. If you arrived to Maragogi by car, don’t forget to experience the ecological route, departing from Maragogi in the direction of south. This route will show you some of the most breathtaking views while you drive along the coastline surrouded with numerous palm trees. One of the attractions along the route is a possibility for an excursion, which allows you to observe the presence of sea cows in the region.



Maragogi is a real hidden pearl of Alagoas, a natural paradise with relatively easy access, amazingly beautiful nature and fully relaxing tranquility. If you are looking for a peaceful and easygoing holiday under neverending sun with no need for shopping, night life and excessive number of activities, Maragogi might be just a perfect choice for you.

Brazil Diversity recommends:

  • Pousada Barra Velha – A very cozy and comfortable pousada right in front of the sea with excellent level of service. Stay in Barra Velha and feel yourself at home.
  • Restaurante Calamares – An excellent restaurant on Pernambuco’s side, right after the frontier of the two states. Try out some of the delicious seafood dishes, specialities of the house.

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