A Deluxe Tourism – What is it?

Yoga on the beach

Yoga on the beach

I was recently asked to give an example of a deluxe package in Brazil. That made me wonder how could I ever describe it? What does deluxe really mean when it comes to services? What is deluxe for me doesn’t even count, what matters is what deluxe is for you as a traveller. It’s totally worthless to try to convince a traveller to spend a holiday in an ‘All Inclusive’ resort if for him/her deluxe is a synonym of a daily morning yoga on a silent beach. Deluxe isn’t always assosiated to high cost and shining gold, it’s raither something you give high value for. In today’s world it often means environmentally conscious choices and experiences that take you beyond the ordinary.

Wild nature

Wild nature

What is deluxe in Brazil then? There are excellent hotels and charming pousadas in Brazil, really chic ones, but I still would say that when it comes to accommodation Brazil is far away from some other destinations offering number of top level options. So honestly, if deluxe for you is a six star resort with superb service quality and wide range of activities, try some other destination. In my opinion deluxe in Brazil is made of experiences. Brazil is a country of colors, tastes and sounds. If you combine these elements with your own interests you will have your deluxe experience that naturally with a standard that fits both for your needs and for your budget. Our role is to listen to you and help you to create a deluxe experience that really matches your expectations.

Colors of Brazil

Colors of Brazil

For me deluxe is a distant place, where I can feel myself totally disconnected from my daily routines. Often life in this serene place is raither simple, but that simplicity is part of my deluxe experience. Thanks to this conversation, we at Brazil Diversity, have decided to introduce new destinations and itineraries for you. They will take you beyond the material luxury so that you can really experience the most precious wonders created by The Mother Earth!

Now, what is deluxe for You?

2 Responses

  1. Absolutely correct. All that glitters is not gold 🙂

  2. I really like how you’ve defined deluxe travel.

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