Brazil, football and World Cup

Brazil is basically counting days for the football World Cup to start in South Africa.  Anywhere you go, you will se streets decorated with green and yellow items. Stores are full of T-shirts, flags, hats and other material to support the national team. If you are in Brazil, there simply is no way for you to ignore this happening. The passion Brazilians have for football is something extraordinary. You might have thought people go crazy with ice-hockey or Formula 1, but if you ever happened to be in Brazil during an important football match you know what it is like to become crazy due to sports. Here the emotions are stronger than life, something that may occassionally cause even confusions if the result is not as expected. In case you are into football, make sure to assist at least one match on the stadium that during your trip to Brazil. It will assure a once in a life time experience for you, as assisting a football match in Brazil is a lot more than just a game. It’s a mixture of feelings, combined with songs and shouting whenever the team is in need of support.

In few weeks the national team starts hunting the sixth victory in World Cup. It’s not an easy challenge and even if the coach have been criticed due to his choices, each and every brazilian is supporting the team hoping for the best possible result. And what if Brazil where the next champion? What if they were the first team returning back home with the sixth victory. If this happened all the critics would immediately be forgotten and joy would fill both the streets and the heart of the Brazilians.

During the World Cup Brazil will basically be paralized. Stores will close their doors, banks will interupt the routines and only urgent cases will be attended in fields of commerce and services.  All the attention will be paid on TV screens and the further the Cup goes the bigger the emotions are. This makes me wonder, how will it be in 2014, when Brazil hosts the World Cup. When the world will look for Brazil, Brazil keeps on looking at the stadium.

World Cup 2014 in Brazil will be pure passion!

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