Pousada, what is it and why should I stay in one?

When you are planning a trip to Brazil, you will surely run into the word Pousada. What is a Pousada? What would be the best way to translate this word? Some may suggest “Inn” or “Bed & Breakfast”, however I do think that there is not an exact way to translate Pousada into English. A brazilian Pousada is lot more than just an “Inn”  and nowadays it covers more categories than a simple “Bed & Breakfast”.

Pousada Masai Mara, CE

Pousada Masai Mara, CE

Traditionally a Pousada was raither a small family run business offering rooms for a traveller to stay overnight. Nowadays a Pousada can be anything in between a small but cozy and luxurious hideaway. The only thing that remains in the fact that Pousada still today tends to be a raither small place with personalized touch. When it comes to services Pousadas do not compete with hotels, even though nowadays many of them already offer such comfort as wi-fi access to the guests. Pousadas are widely available in beach side locations and other smaller towns. However you will find charming options also from bigger cities like Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.

Pousada Barra Velha, AL

Pousada Barra Velha, AL

So should you stay in a pousada or opt for a hotel? Personally I’m in love with Pousadas. Especially in tourist class categories many hotels are lacking of identity and personality seeming to be exactly the same no matter in which corner of the earth you are. Of course you may think that you are not travelling to stay in a hotel, but on the other hand you might pay approximately the same amouth of money or in many cases even less. So why wouldn’t you opt for a Pousada, which can offer you a more personalized accommodation with local touch and character, and a lot more welcoming hospitality than most of the traditional tourist class hotels offer.

Pousada Porto Buriti, MA

Pousada Porto Buriti, MA

Like I said a  Pousada can be anything from a basic and economic accommodation option to a luxurious hideaway villa offering you ultimate comfort with privacy. Pousadas are often decorated with pieces of art  and handcrafts, and offer at least a tasty homemade buffet breakfast for its’ guests. So now that you know, don’t hesitate in staying in a pousada. It is your home in Brazil, whenever you want to feel yourself welcome and experience the genuine touch of brazilian culture.

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